how it all started

The idea itself was something every one of us had, at least once. I met an old friend I didn’t see for a while, and we got to a restaurant and talked about life, work, the future, etc. And by dining, with the help of 2-3 beers, the idea came to mind. “Let’s open a bar together.” So, because we are nerds and love fantasy and old traditions, it sounded like this to us …

an Idea come to life

“Let’s open a tavern, a fantasy tavern. A place where we can enjoy food and drinks inspired by our favorite games and worlds. Imagine savoring a plate of monster hunter cuisine with a glass of mead or a creative fantasy cocktail you can’t find at regular bars.”

We spent hours discussing the concept, envisioning a rustic ambiance with wooden furniture, flickering candles, and torches illuminating the space. The centerpiece would be a grand fireplace, and bards would serenade us with music. We thought of every detail, and this tavern could easily be turned into a movie with the right artist or video creator. However, there was one obstacle in our way…

Start of this website

As young men, building a giant tavern seemed like an impossible task. But over time and after a year, we found a solution.

As a social marketing expert, I helped various businesses grow, including blacksmiths, carpenters inspired by Celtic and northern mythology, and online taverns. I discovered countless small companies with exceptional ideas and talented individuals through social media. It saddened me to realize that many weren’t more prominent or hadn’t realized their dreams due to their lack of social media presence. It’s incredible how many brilliant ideas exist in the world. That realization sparked a vision: to create a platform where people with such talents and ideas can unite, support each other, and fulfill their dreams. 

While we cannot build a tavern now, we can assist in building a community that fosters creativity and helps people achieve their goals.

Our Online Tavern “The Howling Wolf” was born.

The future

Our vision of creating a magnificent Tavern is still alive and well. Our goal is to unite individuals and show them the endless possibilities. We aim to create a restaurant/bar experience beyond the ordinary, where memories are made and evenings are unforgettable. Our dream includes hosting live events such as festivals and fantasy discos, fulfilling the desires that most of us have had but have not found in the “normal” world.

We aspire to bring all these elements together under one roof, in a place we call “The Howling Wolf,” where individuals can escape from reality and live there dream.



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