Biggest Fantasy Tavern In The World

The Howling Wolf

What is the howling Wolf?

Hello, my friend. I am the Gentleman Wolf, the owner of this tavern. So you may ask yourself what this place is. Let me explain it to you.

The Howling Wolf is a place where people from all over the world come together. People with special talents, unique ideas who wants to start or improve their business, or just people who have a dream that they are struggling to live.

We want to bring small businesses and fans together. Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs in starting and enhancing their companies while also providing a platform for them to showcase their work. The Tavern offers regular visitors a convenient place to discover new and unique ideas and products our entrepreneurs created for them and the opportunity to support their favorite ones. Additionally, we host live events where both parties can come together and connect.

So when you enter The Howling Wolf, You will find three kinds of people here.

There are those who aspire to be Dreamweavers, living out their dreams to the fullest. Then there are Mythseekers, who seek something beyond the ordinary.

And the last group are the Shapeshifters. They serve as a connection between the Dreamweavers and the Mythseeker. They showcase the products by creating captivating photos and videos for the public.

What is a Dreamweaver?

The Dreamweavers are the heart of this Tavern

They are the ones who have a unique talent or idea and strives to make it a reality. This may include singing, playing an instrument, blacksmithing, crafting cyberpunk or sci-fi technology, or creating furniture that transforms a home into a dreamlike space. Many individuals are already pursuing their dreams, while others may struggle to get started. If you are here seeking guidance on how to turn your dreams into a reality but don’t know where to begin, then you are a Dreamweaver.

We are here to support those people and help them fulfill their dreams. At The Howling Wolf, we offer a wide range of assistance to help you achieve your aspirations. Our team includes a professional social marketing expert to assist in increasing the fan base and improving the social media presence, as well as Business Consultants.

We also provide valuable resources to enhance your business or even build a new one and a supportive community of individuals with similar goals for motivation.

With this support, you can work towards achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality.

What is a Mythseeker?

Are you a fan of fantasy and medieval festivals, seeking unique and ancient jewelry to match your personality? Perhaps you’re hosting a fantasy party and need some whimsical decorations, or you’re preparing for game night and want to find some one-of-a-kind dice. As a Mythseeker, you’ll find all these things and more in one convenient place… 

The Howling Wolf

Join our community and discover exciting new items you never knew existed. Let us bring some magic into your life – become a Mythseeker today.

What is a shapeshifter?

The Shapeshifters serve as a connection between the Dreamweaver and the Mythseekers, acting as representatives for the products created by the Dreamweaver and monetizing them for public consumption.

They wear your jewelry, participate in your fitness programs, taste your food, and more – all in order to create high-quality photos and videos that showcase your products.

If you are a cosplayer, makeup artist, or simply someone who enjoys representing unique and special products on social media, then you too can become a Shapeshifter.

What will you get?


  • Everything in one place
  • Uncover items you never thought existed
  • Be able to support your favorite Dreamweaver and become special gifts.
  • Be part of upcoming events.
  • Access to the inside of the tavern
  • Early bird messages


  • Be part of great entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Get your Own side inside “The Howling Wolf”, where Mythseeker can support You.
  • Get advertised on our Instagram
  • Get a place in our giant community
  • Be part of upcoming events
  • Access to the inside of the tavern
  • Early bird messages


  • Access to a digital marketing expert who helps you build your business
  • Use the most modern technologies and strategies to improve your business
  • Free discovery project of your choice: E-Mails, Landing Pages, Advertisements, Website, Video Editing/Promotion Video
  • Get supporters from other Dreamweavers and Mythseekers
  • Access to upcoming events
  • Bring your side on ” The Howling Wolf,” where Mythseekers can support your work
  • Get advertised on our Instagram
  • Access to the inside of the Tavern + separate page just for Dreamweavers
  • Be able to live your dream


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Of course! We help you build your business from the ground. You don’t need any experience in that field. You only need to bring in an Idea, Talent, or product you want to Monetize. If you have this, you are ready to build your Dream.

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Not Nessercrerly.

Once you enter our platform, you can schedule a call with one of our experienced business consultants. They will help you determine which type of business you should start and which free discovery option is most suitable for earning your first profits.

You will have ongoing access to our business consultancy services following your free discovery project. Our team of experts will provide personalized consultation and develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.

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Sure, we can’t set up your business overnight. BUT everything you need to build up a business is here. We have Webpage builders, copywriters, Social marketing experts everything you need to build your company. We work day and night to make sure you are an owner of a business as fast as possible and be able to live from your passion and dream.

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It doesn’t matter what talent you have as long as you have one. You are a singer, an Artist, Blacksmith, Carpender, Fantasy Cook, or a bartender… You see, the possibilities are endless.

You bring the Talent we build the business!